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Antec 1200 vs CM HAF 932 vs CM HAF 922 vs CM Storm Sniper  

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Wow say I am no longer able to edit that post.... 🙁

Anyways One local store has the HAF 932 at $170.00 and change (taxes) And another has the Sniper for $206 and change (taxes again)

Even though I am lusting after another BIG case (My file server is in an Inwin Q-500-n) I live in an OLD building and there is tons of dust.

It looks to me that the cable management is as good with the Sniper as it is with the 932-922's.

I busted a knuckle this last re-build, and I HATE busting knuckles. 👿

I'm going to see if the one place has a sniper out on display, before I go to the other place which is a bit further out & has the HAF 932

Hints, suggestions, comments??

Posted : 05/05/2009 6:25 am