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Antec 1200 vs CM HAF 932 vs CM HAF 922 vs CM Storm Sniper

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strudinox wrote:
The HAF is by far my favorite. Especially the optional bottom fan. It does just bug me that they didn't paint the inside. Though that can be easily fixed! 😀

They can all have a bottom intake fan, but the HAF 932 can have two if you put the PSU up top (which limits you to one 120mm top exhaust fan that can't even exhaust air out of the case). Plus there are no dust filters on the bottom of the HAF 932 or 922. Both the HAF 922 and Storm Sniper can have a 140mm bottom intake fan or 120mm, but the Storm Sniper has a dust filter for it (none of them have a dust filter for the PSU). However the fan will have to be removed for you to get to the dust filter.

I actually like the unfinished interior color on the HAF series, but that is just me. I'd really like to see the Storm Sniper with an all black finish. Also the inside of the HAF 922's side panels are unfinished. Same goes for the Storm Sniper, this was done to cut costs. I may get the HAF 922 for a secondary build, nice change since my current case has blue LEDs (it had none). I'm also trying to sell my PC so I can build a better one (i7). I may not be able to get the same expensive case again, so if I sell it I'll get one of these cases, probably the HAF 922, since the price is so low 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 05/05/2009 6:25 am