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Cool. Once you get the game, tell me and I can help you with the controls and the whole command system which is very confusing for new comers.
Also, once you get it, check out the ArmA II Guide for Strudinox topic I made awhile back. It includes all addons and mods that are really awesome and are must haves.
I haven't updated it in awhile but I'll get around to it when I got some time.

Anyways, Thanks again!! I just noticed if I edited in a few clouds and stuff behind that chopper, it could pass as a real picture! 😯
About the vehicles, theres well over 50. 100+. Anything from a Quad or Dirtbike to a MLRS System or Mobile AA Vehicles(Shilkas). Its awesome
Also, theres a shit ton of weapons. 100+ easily. Maybe even 200. Theres almost any gun you could imagine, along with all sorts of different attachment combos for that weapon. Its really awesome.

Stock ArmA II isnt that great, but once you get some addons, mods, and sound mods, your good to go! Oh and you gotta learn how to use the editor! 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 02/06/2009 8:01 pm