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It seems that after years of being competitive only in the low end or in VERY niche tasks, AMD is finally back to being competitive.

Here are my personal prediction:
- Perf/Watt almost on par with Kaby Lake.

- Between Intel's Haswell and Ivy Bridge in terms of IPC.

- Superior Hyperthreading (due to new core structure, no more Penryn) to Intel.

- Almost two times lesser AVX performance (though ALL Ryzen parts can do it, unlike with Intel).

- Can be OCed to 4.3GHz, 4.5 with water on the quad and 6 cores and top end 1800X 8 core Black Edition.

- Cheaper to make overall, I expect great performance per dollar.

- Would make all CPUs except the Pentium G4560(this thing is Grade A badass), 7700K/6700K and perhaps 7600K obsolete. All else would be unable to compete even with a decent price cut.

- Inferior node to Intel.

- All AMD Ryzen CPUs can be OCed. Limit is cooling, the actual chip and motherboard.

Some info:

How fast is Ryzen?

First CPU-Z screenshot of Ryzen CPU leaked

Posted : 17/02/2017 9:39 am


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