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Need help finding 12cm fan


U say I can't use crocodiles aye? I < the way I want to! nah. But I've always thought those are the other way than what's logical : P

Of course it's the other way around. Less than 35dB and less than 30bucks.

Though you need to learn that it's "dB" not "Db"!

Turned two fans off, put all others on low and turned CPU down to 30%, GPU 33%. Been like that for weeks now. Can't hear it if I don't press my ear against it yet it's idling at 36°C (CPU) 🙂
But that's gonna change when the VX comes, be sure about it! Maximum fan speed as far as it goes and then up and beyond 4ghz! Or not... but 3.6-3.7 perhaps : )

Topic starter Posted : 11/02/2010 4:38 am