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Need help finding 12cm fan  


Oh for christ sake, they used another unit when they stated the amount of air pushed by the noctua! It's far from good. It's basically the worst I've seen - yet it's over 30 bucks! No way I'm going for those. Damn shame, thought I had the optimal setup : (

Those S-flex fans seems awesome if you're after low sound level :good:
But I'm not : X
33.5CMF is a bit too low IMO, I want at least 70.
EDIT: Whoups, didn't see they had more than the ultra-slow one. The others (1900RPM in particular) seems good for me :good:
It's shitlessly expensive though. I'd like to see if there are others at a better price level.

LED's aren't that necessary. I want one with them, which is the Cooler master up there. So what I want now is a black (or similar) fan with higher performance. I figured I'd put one of these over it so visuals aren't necessary;

I found this one;
But I can't seem to find it in Sweden sadly.

The CM-Blade master is, while perhaps a little worse performing, at a much better price range than the Scythe, but I can't seem to find it without insane shipping costs. More than the price of the fan itself for delivery, which takes it up to over 30bucks.

What I'm after now is a 120x120x25 fan without LED's with at least 80CMF performance while being under 35dB

I sadly don't have a fan controller and I don't have the money nor the space required to buy it/manage the cables to it.

Thanks to those who've helped me so far

Posted : 11/02/2010 4:38 am