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Top 10 Best Looking Games of All Time


Metro Exodus closes out our top 5. It has the best implementation of Ray Tracing of any game, in the form of NVIDIA RTX used to bolster its lighting. And it looks great overall in every other area, although its visual fidelity is admittedly overrated as it is not enough to claim any championship titles aside from best Ray Tracing. Compared to recent games made by DICE (as you will see in the next few pages), Metro Exodus features lower quality terrain, tessellation, parallax mapping, ambient occlusion, model quality of terrain and landscape, materials processing, character models, and lighting without RTX is clearly worse than any of the games ranked ahead. Once you enable RTX, Metro Exodus will regain some ground due to the realistic behavior of the lighting which might be unparalleled, but it is not enough for it to beat out the others in visual fidelity and realism, not even just with regards to lighting where it still fails to earn a clean win.

We feel compelled to point out some of these flaws as shown above (be sure to compare them to the games ranked ahead of this one), since its graphics are currently overrated by most media outlets, as it is still not even objectively superior to a 2015 game by DICE.

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