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Top 10 Best Looking Games of All Time


It was closely contested, but Metro: Last Light claims this spot. You can check out our review here. We gave it the nod over Crysis 3 due to greatly superior anti-aliasing and slightly better overall texture quality, at the cost of inferior character models.

Like some of the other games in the list, Metro: Last Light is just packed with visual detail. It doesn’t rely on post-processing to mask anything, even though the post-processing is amazing.

Lots of tessellation, very impressive bump maps, parallax maps are used almost everywhere, vegetation quality is on par with modded Crysis, soft water with realistic reflections, mind-blowing ambient occlusion, great overall texture quality, in-game supersampling plus surprisingly good post-AA, amazing particle effects, the list goes on. It isn’t perfect, but it’s still jaw-dropping.

Metro: Last Light Redux uses global illumination on some light sources unlike this one, but the downgraded tessellation and textures work against it.

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