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Top 10 Best Looking Games of All Time

With the release of next gen consoles, we thought it would be a good time to establish which PC games stand out the most visually, from a technical standpoint. So this will be a very educational and informative article for many people, since most gamers seem to believe that brighter lights, more color, more bloom, and lens flare = better graphics. None of that nonsense here. We’re looking at technical graphics.

Every generation can be defined by one or two graphics features. Last generation might as well have been called the “dynamic light and shadow” generation, even though a lot of games are still lacking this. The current generation is the “tessellation” generation, a technology that finally made its presence known in two games which will be seen on this list.

Since we’re primarily a PC gaming site, we were considering mods when making this list. Everyone who games on PC should be looking for mods anyway. Special thanks to Aeneas2020, Enad, and Boombear for helping with this article, providing both screenshots and necessary insight.

Be sure to open all images in a new tab to view them in full size and full glory!

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